Allant, God of War (Balance and Justice

Astraea, Goddess of Cultivation (Harvest and The Hunt

  • Allant and Astraea have 2 children, Mera and Adan

    • Mera, demigod of Sea (Water)
    • Adan, demigod of Land (Earth)

Latria, Goddess of Spirit (Light and Life)

Urbain, God of Language (Law and Memory

  • Latria and Urbain have 2 children, Juri and Kyne

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Juri, demigod of Fire
    • Kyne, demigod of Sky (Wind/Air)



Each old god has a relative, a mate and an opposite

  • Allant is brother to Latria, husband to Astraea, and administers Urbain's law
  • ​​​​​​​Astraea is sister to Urbain, wife of Allant, and reaps the life Latria spawns
  • Latria is sister to Allant and wife of Urbain. She is a giver of life, which must be harvested
  • Urbain is brother to Astraea, husband to Latria. He channels the words of god, unable to preserve balance on his own

The classical four elements are represented in the demigods

Two and four are sacred numbers, reflected in religion, architecture and throughout daily life


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